Nike have unveiled USA’s new 2012/2013 soccer jersey, the home kit for the US soccer team during the 2012/2013 season. Be sure to complete your look with the latest Team USA jerseys from FansEdge. However, they did not choose to subtly fade the stripe into the white, instead leaving a strange pixeled unfinished look. The diagonal stripe doesn’t actually exist on this Away version, but the horizontal stripes end where the diagonal would be and therefore delivers the look first made popular in the US 1950s kit. For a country full of American pride, the Nike collection for the USMNT has a classic clean professional look that is all business. There is little that is unique, much less American about this 3rd kit. There are also fitted and loose-style shirts for women in addition to short- and long-sleeved shirts. I’ve got no problem with collars, but why are there buttons on a jersey? DHgate has got its specialties. We’ve got red hoops to make all “Waldo” lovers blush. For the first time since the red kits of 1998 and 2000, the away jersey is not predominantly navy blue. The last time the US used a predominantly red kit was the 2011 Third.

As for the new crest, I’m glad they kept the shield, used the letters ‘USA’ and went to blue letters and red stripes (instead of the previous blue stripes and red lettering). Last year, he went to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, which cost the state about $57,000 – more than half of that for security costs. Look at our last two WC home releases. The red monochrome crest adds to the overly red and non-American look. And lest you think I’m just hatin’ on red kits, the highest rating given out in the last 8 years was the 2011 Third red kit. Red in our away jersey in the last 10 years. At least it isn’t predominantly red. But at least Nike used our colors. As you browse all of our official Nike soccer replica national team jerseys, read the summaries to see how your team did in the past year and what their future aspirations may be as a team. Those who regularly watch games at home or attend in person will love our great apparel items, which range from official jerseys to licensed tees with unique designs. I haven’t met a single person who didn’t react negatively at first sight.

According to Hypebae, studies indicate that by 14 years old, girls drop out of sports-related activities twice as fast as boys, with research suggesting that “the single biggest change that could increase physical activity would be having access to the right kind of sports bra.” So this year, Nike challenged itself to do better, not just for the soccer players at the World Cup, but for women everywhere. Having satisfied the masses (or at least me) with a beautiful blue last year, they are back to the red, last visited in the completely uninspired 2017 version. Nike decided to go exactly the opposite direction for the 2017 Gold Cup. They couldn’t help but keep their beloved lighter blue as an accent on the away kit, and that keeps this kit as a notch lower than the aforementioned 2017 Gold Cup edition. Besides, the barely-worn pinstripe third jersey of ’07, this is the first time they’ve gone back to that lighter shade. This is only the 2nd time we’ve used our flag blue. And just like last year’s away WC jersey, Nike has decided to keep the lighter blue color scheme.

They brought in the lighter shade for the 2014 WC. This one has a distinct 80s retro look – see 1979 Home and 1989 Home editions above, although the 2000 design also wants some credit. Had they logically decided to use navy blue shoulders, as they did for one of the 2016 Away shoulders, and navy blue shorts, I would have been on board. This 3rd edition of the 2016 kit is simply the red take on the current Nike template. Technically, its mostly red on the front and completely red on the back. Love it. These home kits have a bold red and blue design which is a bit of a departure from our recent bland editions and also reminds me of our colorful 80s home kits. I actually love that our home jersey is white. We can provide you with the lowest possible price range because we love to include discounts and vouchers along with every product. Find the brand new 2021 USMNT jersey and the new USA soccer jerseys among our selection so you can represent the squad in their brand new looks, and rock the most popular look in American soccer.